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Wildflower Hill by Kimberley Freeman

Really enjoyable historical novel in the style of Kate Morton-type stories, with a very light romantic aspect in the background.



The story starts off with Beattie Blaxland, a Scottish girl who emigrates to Australia in 1929 and who's journey is full of devastation and heartbreak. Intertwined with this is the story of her granddaughter Emma Blaxland-Hunter, a ballerina who has suffered a career-ending injury and the end of a relationship almost simultaneously. The one constant in the story is Wildflower Hill, a property in Tasmania, that Beattie leaves to Emma and that provides the setting for most of the story. It was engrossing but also quite difficult to read in some parts. 


I love Kim Wilkins' supernatural novels and so this was a natural progression for me. I'll definitely read more of this style from her.