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The Haunting of Maddy Clare by Simone St. James

Overall, I would definitely say I enjoyed this book. I loved the small English country village setting, and the haunting. The mystery itself was really quite obvious, but I don't think it detracted at all from the story, as the real mystery revolved around how Sarah would go about freeing Maddy from her ghostly existence.




I have to say though that I didn't enjoy the romance at all. I never liked Matthew. Usually when you have gruff men in historical/paranormal romances, they have a heart of gold underneath or at least some kind of redeeming quality. Matthew didn't have that. He basically used her physically, spent the rest of the time glaring at her, and basically acted like a right prat. I didn't understand why Sarah loved him. I did like the character of Alistair, though - I felt like he was pretty much the most likeable character in the novel.