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The Frozen Sea

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Slains by Susanna Kearsley

The Winter Sea (Slains #1) Four Stars. 


Utterly spellbinding and completely unputdownable. Susanna Kearsley has long been one of my favourite authors, with her ability to weave past and present, romance and history, and have it all come together seamlessly. This one is up there with the Rose Garden and Firebird, in my book.


The plot revolves around an author who settles in to a cottage in the shadow of Slains castle to write a bestseller, based on one of her own ancestors. It weaves the events of the present with a mystery 300 years old, and small, subtle aspects of the supernatural. 

The Firebird (Slains #2) Five stars. 



I loved this book. I love how Susanna Kearsley is able to weave elements of fantasy and the supernatural into what is essentially a historical novel with romantic aspects. The Jacobite and Russian historical stories told along side a modern day search for the truth was brilliantly done.


In this novel, Nicola Marter is a woman born with the ability to touch an object and see glimpses of the people who have owned that object in the past. It has made her somewhat successful in her career, working for a Russian art dealer. Through her job, a woman shows her a carving that was supposedly owned by an Empress of Russia, and from there, Nicola is drawn into a mystery hundreds of years old. She travels to Scotland to seek help from an old flame, whom she still loves, and who's psychic ability far exceeds her own. I think this one has overtaken the Rose Garden as my favourite book of hers.