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Shadowfell: A Trilogy


Book One: Shadowfell (5 stars). 



This book was absolutely fantastic. It was full of adventure, wonderful, original fantasy, and intrigue. I didn't know who to trust; whether the Good Folk themselves could be trusted, or if Flint was a triple agent. The setting was strongly influenced by ancient Scotland and Scottish mythology, and the magical Good Folk were wonderfully three-dimensional. It has such a sweet love story too, which was simple, understated, and utterly lovely. I cannot wait to read the second book.


Book Two: Raven Flight (4 stars). 



This sequel to Shadowfell was thrilling, engaging, sweet, and at times, heartbreaking, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I have to say that I wasn't AS in love with the story as I was with the first book, but I can chalk that up to my own inflated hopes for what would happen. I loved every single moment that Flint's name was mentioned, and I am really glad for the insight into why Tali was constantly belittling Neryn and Flint's feelings for one another, because that was really starting to anger me. I didn't think Juliet would want to put across the idea that love is weakness and now I definitely understand why that character keeps re-stating this time after time. I cannot wait for the third book - the last quarter of the book really started to pick up the pace with the upcoming war in Alban and it seems like the war they've been planning and scheming for for so long is finally about to happen.


Book Three: The Caller (5 Stars). 



A wonderful way to end the trilogy - Neryn was courageous and yet retained her sense of morality, and Flint was wonderful as always. I was satisfied with the way it ended and the way everything tied neatly together. I do have a number of questions that only the author could possibly answer, such as whether Flynn or Neryn will actually go back to the mainland, or why Tali thinks Flynn and Neryn actually owe Alban anything after all they've sacrificed. I'm really going to miss this world, these characters, Neryn and Flint's lovely, understated relationship, but especially Flint himself. If you haven't read this trilogy, do yourself a favour and do so immediately.